Friday, January 7, 2011

Last Day

January 7, 2011

We docked in Ushuaia around 4 am, had breakfast at 7am and disembarked around 8:00 am. Tired from 2 days of the worst waves the Antarctic Dream has seen in the last years according to the captain. Luckily I did not get seasick but almost everyone stayed in bed most of the time because it was almost impossible to stand or walk. Checked in the hostel and went to sleep after lunch. An incredible trip. Loved the Antarctic part, hated the Cruise part. Also, there were only a few backpackers on this luxury cruise with gourmet food and free wine with lunch and dinner. I have never seen so many dishes that I could not recognize. While the $3990 was $490 over the top amount I had planned on paying, the average cost for most was approximately  $10,000 with one paying $16,000 for a room alone. A few people at the hostel are leaving today for the same cruise at the same price so at least I did not pay too much considering New Years eve and day were on the Antarctic peninsula. Also our boat with has a maximum of 78 passengers only had 63 passengers due to the bad weather in Europe forcing some planes to South America to cancel their flights. Having less than 100 passengers also allows you to land many places that other boats can not land. We also usually had 3 landing per day when weather permitted.  Back to simple things and so happy for it.  Go Tigers, hope I get it on the television.

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